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Boiler Cupboard Storage in Wandsworth House, London SW11

The Scriveners Carpentry team have recently been working in a semi-detached house near Wandsworth Common, London SW11. Our clients, the homeowners, are a young couple who had recently had a baby, and they wanted to utilise an old, empty, boiler cupboard for additional storage space. The boiler cupboard was set off the floor in the corner of a reception room, and our client wanted to make the new cabinet look more substantial. To achieve this, we proposed to construct a floor to ceiling frame with infill panels.

Converting a deep boiler cupboard into usable storage

The main issue with converting the space into usable storage was the depth of the existing cupboard, which was over 90cm. Often, when there is deep storage, there is the tendency for items at the back to be forgotten about, or it becomes a huge undertaking to remove everything from the cupboard to retrieve those items right at the very back. To overcome this, we proposed constructing three pull out drawers on long extension drawer runners to the lower half of the cupboard. The lower drawers were built to extend full depth, maximising the storage space available. This full drawer extension would also allow easy access to all the items stored within them. For the upper half of the cupboard we fitted a single door, hung on two hidden hinges. Inside we fitted a clothing rail, (ideal for baby clothes), and storage shelves. All the joinery was constructed on-site in the client’s reception room.

Looking after the home whilst we worked

We protected the homeowners existing bookcase and desk during construction as well as keeping the whole area clean during the carpentry work. Our clients wanted the joinery to be left unfinished for them to paint themselves. In total, the project took only three days to build once the design had been approved.

If you have an existing boiler cupboard or storage area in your home and would like to maximise its capacity...

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